A Mirror to India

Quite often, whatever the articles we have seen in the media or for that matter even in some of the more well known blogs, are either too celebratory, chest thumping sort or  too negative, pessimistic.  Either India is the world’s greatest country  or it is the world’s worst country, either we are a super power or we are a super loser. The fact is such one note tag lines do not  really do justice to India, a country that is so vast, so diverse, so large, that you really can’t bracket it under a single heading. In recent times we have seen people blindly applying western based isms, to India, without really understanding the ground realities. Be it capitalism or communism or socialism or any other ism, blindly applying the ideology, without any understanding of what is happening at ground, will not serve any purpose.

I believe in a mirror, a mirror that shows India as is, with all it’s faults, weaknesses, strengths and greatness. For me faults and weakness in India are not something to be ignored, they are challenges that need to be addressed squarely. I see a vision of  India, that shows the nation as it is, without any distortion of facts. A vision that is not bogged down in -isms but seeks to address the ground reality. Where the focus is on ideas and thoughts, not on labels and branding.

What I seek is a holistic vision of  India, where development does not just mean the economic enrichment of a few, but the welfare of the general public. An India where the rule of law is respected. Development does not just mean more luxury cars  flooding India, it also means having better roads, better public transport. Development to me does not mean having more shopping malls, for me it is creating safe public spaces for citizens, and gardens, parks. Development for me is not just about GDP and Growth Rates, it also entails education for all, so that people can actually benefit from the fruits of reform. Yes development to me means not just economic, it also means social, educational, spiritual. And that is possible when people are willing to address the issues being faced, without being a prisoner of a particular ideology or ism. And I look forward to more joining me in this endeavour.

About Ratnakar Sadasyula

Blogger with a passion in movies, music,books and history. A techie by profession, and a writer at heart. Author of City of Victory a book on Vijayanagar Empire
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1 Response to A Mirror to India

  1. Well, A Frog in the Well will not be able to tell the World View, Similarly We got to get out of this Country(Out of Box) to truly reflect on the Picture the Mirror gives from outside.

    Mirror Always tells the truth. Hopefully this Blog as Mirror will do the Same without any bias of the “*isms”

    Anyways Hope to see Meaningful Posts on this Blog. All the Best Wishes!

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