Book Review – Who will Cry when you Die


Let me begin by saying, I am not a great fan of Robin Sharma. I was not impressed by the book called “The leader who had no title” previously. The language used and ideas discussed were like bouncers bowled at 150 Kph. But, recently when I entered into Crossword book store, the title of the book got my attention. I just picked it up randomly and started to take an aerial view into the book. Then, went on to buy and started reading the book.

Let me begin with what i liked most about the book.

1. Title of the book

2. Content

3. Language used

4. Of course, the price

Flip Side

1. Some ideas seemed impractical

Let me begin with the title. During someones life time, more or less every body would ask themselves the same question. Who will cry when I die. Means, have I lived the life worth it? So, for a person who involves in regular introspection, it would definitely catch their eye. The content is great and some ideas discussed are really awesome. I really liked the idea of having personal board of directors. (read for the full idea). Second is to take a news fast. The idea discusses about how negative news impact our daily activities. Likewise, there are many great ideas discussed in the book for someone to read and put them into practice. The book also offers few simple tips to put the ideas into practice. Through out the book the author has kept the language very simple and Robin Sharma deserves a clap for the same. All the ideas are presented in brief, not in boring essays. Each idea typically goes for about 1 to 2 pages maximum. The price is very affordable at Rs.150/- in the book store and Flipkart offers at Rs.102/-. The book is totally a paisa vasool. It would not take more than 10 days to complete the entire book and some ideas discussed are totally applicable to our daily routines.

The flip side is that, some of the ideas seems to be too impractical for me. I can tell you those are not many, but are worth giving an observation.

Overall, I would give it a 9 out of 10 rating. Had a pleasure in reading the book. Do not miss. If you are a book junkie, this is a must read.

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Blogger with a passion in movies, music,books and history. A techie by profession, and a writer at heart. Author of City of Victory a book on Vijayanagar Empire
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