Veer Savarkar

Veer Savarkar has been one of my heroes. One of the most fascinating, multi talented personalities ever. Freedom fighter, nationalist, activist, thinker, writer and sadly a very misunderstood personality too. Here was some one who braved the worst form of imprisonment at Cellular Jail for not one year, two years, but a whole decade. Imagine spending ten years in a hellhole, that would have broken the spirit of a lesser man. There is so much about Savarkar to be told, his fight for independence, his Hindutva philosophy, his stay in Cellular Jail. Over the past couple of months, I had been penning a series of posts dealing with Veer Savarkar’s life.

.This series of mine is to show case the truth behind Veer Savarkar, who is being portrayed by the Leftists as a traitor, when he was not. Also it is impossible to capture Savarkar’s story in  just one post. There was just so much to his life. On his birth anniversary, I am sharing this series of posts, in chronological order to refer to. This would later be the basis for my book on Savarkar,  that however is a long shot as of now.

  1. A Hero is Born
  2. The Woman in his Life
  3. In Pune
  4. In the Den of the British Lion
  5. Madan Lal Dhingra and Assassination of Wylie
  6. Arrest and Escape
  7. The Trial
  8. Cellular Jail
  9. Who is a Hindu?

This is not a complete series per se, there still is a lot more to be written on him. The very controversial part of his petitions, his activities with the Hindu Mahasabha, his alleged involvement in the assasination of Mahatma Gandhi.  I would be covering these in my later posts, as also a look at his ideology in more detail.


About Ratnakar Sadasyula

I am a 40 year old Blogger with a passion in movies, music,books, Quizzing and politics. A techie by profession, and a writer at heart. Seeking to write my own book one day.
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