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Operation Meghdoot

Siachen, which ironically  means “Rose Garden” in local Balti language, located in Eastern Karakoram, it is 75 km long, and is the highest battlefield in the world. The 110 KM line beyond NJ9842 is called the Actual Position Ground Line. … Continue reading

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Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

Jallianwala Bagh,a name that evokes painful memories in our history, a reminder of the brutality of the British rule. It was a place I actually visited in 2001, walked through the narrow entrance, stood on the ground stained with the … Continue reading

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Balaji Vishwanath

When one looks at the history of the Maratha Empire, the Peshwa era is one of the most significant one, specifically from Balaji Vishwanath(1713-1720) to  Raghunath Rao(1773-74), before Nana Fadnavis effectively became the defacto power behind the throne. Technically speaking Peshwa … Continue reading

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Sam Manekshaw

October 22, 1947 Muzaffarbad was attacked and burnt by the  Pakistni raiders. Uri was captured in no quick time, and power station at Mahura was taken over. The whole city of Srinagar was plunged into darkness. Sardar Patel’s trusted aide, … Continue reading

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Land of the Ranas- Amar Singh I

Typically when we speak of Mewar, it usually ends with Rana Pratap and the Battle of Haldighati.  Not much is really known about his succesors, nor his son Amar Singh.  While Pratap’s rivalry with Akbar is well known and chronicled, … Continue reading

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Land of the Ranas-Panna Dai

Indian history has seen stories of some great mothers who shaped their children’s character- Jijabai, Ahalyabai Holkar to name some and in our Puranas we have had Sita, Yashoda,Kunti, Kausalya, Subhadra and Draupadi. But what do you say of a … Continue reading

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Kanneganti and Uyyalavada

One was from a small village in Guntur’s Palnadu region, led the Pullari Satyagraha there, inspired by the Gandhian methods. Another was the last of the Polygar leaders in Kurnool district, who led a violent guerilla uprising against the British, … Continue reading

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