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Creators of Telugu Epic literature- Kummara Molla

Ramayana has always occupied a special place in the literary sphere of India. Translations and reconstructions happened over millennia with each version throwing a light on contemporary issues from the perspective of the epic. When one remembers the Telugu versions … Continue reading

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Creators of Telugu Epic Literature – Bammera Pothana

భాగవతము దెలిసి పలుకుట చిత్రంబు, శూలికైనఁ దమ్మిచూలికైన, విబుధజనుల వలన విన్నంత కన్నంత దెలియ వచ్చినంత దేటపఱతు. Reciting the Bhagavatam, being fully conscious of its intricacies is very tricky job to even the one who carries the (Tri) Shula (Lord Shiva) and also the … Continue reading

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Poets and literature in the Vijayanagara Period – Annamacharya

Annamacharya is a household name within the Telugu sphere. This poet who lived in the fourteenth century endeared himself to scholars and commons alike through his immortal compositions dedicated to the Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupati. With the literary nature of … Continue reading

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