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Maharaja Ranjit Singh- The Sikh Empire

I had earlier covered Ranjit Singh’s early life and the events leading to capture of Lahore, that laid the foundation of the Sikh Empire. Here I will be looking primarily at how he expanded his Empire, and his kingdom. Ranjit … Continue reading

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Banda Singh Bahadur

September 1708 Guru Gobind Singh while hunting in the Deccan happened to come across a small hut. He ordered his disciples to cook food immediately, as they had not eaten for days together. The hut belong to an ascetic named … Continue reading

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Battle of Saragarhi

To understand the significance of Saragarhi, one needs to take a look at the backdrop. The Afridi tribe had a deal with the British to protect the strategically important Khyber Pass for 16 years, who in turn created a local … Continue reading

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Ranjit Singh- Capture of Lahore

After the passing away of Aurangzeb in 1707, the Mughal Empire fell into a state of disarray with weak rulers and constant intrigues. Revolts broke out all over with the Rajputs in Western India, the Marathas in Central India, carving … Continue reading

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Hari Singh Nalwa

“Hari Ragla” two words that struck terror in the hearts of Afghans.  Two words that made Afghan mothers put their kids to sleep with. Two words that just about summed up the man, who was a terror to the Afghans, … Continue reading

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