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Operation Grand Slam-1965 War

I had earlier written on Pakistan’s failed Operation Gibraltar,  where it’s ambitious attempt to foment an internal insurgency in Kashmir, was foiled by the Indian Army. However Pakistan did not give up it’s attempts, and launched another ambitious mission, Operation … Continue reading

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Battle of Pratapgarh

    Pratapgarh, the fort that started Shivaji Maharaj’s victory quest, located in Satara district, aroud 23 km west of Mahabaleshwar.  Standing 1080 metres above sea level, on a narrow spur between the villages  of Par and Kinesvar, the fort … Continue reading

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Ranjit Singh- Sher E Punjab

After the passing away of Aurangzeb in 1707, the Mughal Empire fell into a state of disarray with weak rulers and constant intrigues. Revolts broke out all over with the Rajputs in Western India, the Marathas in Central India, carving … Continue reading

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Dhanu Jatra-When a town becomes an open air theater

Bargarh is one of those small towns that dot the Indian landscape, located in Western Odisha, close to the border with Chattisgarh. The Eastern Ghats flank the town, and they are quite rich in their flora and fauna. Historically speaking, … Continue reading

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Rajendra Nath Lahiri

One of the most significant events of the freedom struggle was the Kakori conspiracy carried out on August 9th, 1925. It was the time the Hindustan Republican Association founded by Ram Prasad Bismil,  was in dire need of funds for … Continue reading

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Battle of Basantar

Shakargarh is a small tehsil town on the West bank of the Ravi river, originally a part of the Gurdaspur district, but transferred to Pakistan after Partition as per the Radcliffe award.  Pretty much a sleepy small town, like most … Continue reading

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Rao Tula Ram

If you had been to Delhi, you would have travelled along the Rao Tula Ram Marg from the airport or when going to Gurgaon. You have hospitals, markets and even a university named after him. But not many really know … Continue reading

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