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Battle of Kolhapur

Panhala literally meaning “Home of Serpents” was one of the 15 forts built by Bhoja II, the Shilhara ruler between 1178 and 1209 AD. The famous aphorism of Raja Bhoj, Gangu Teli is believed to have been associated with this … Continue reading

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Battle of Pratapgarh

    Pratapgarh, the fort that started Shivaji Maharaj’s victory quest, located in Satara district, aroud 23 km west of Mahabaleshwar.  Standing 1080 metres above sea level, on a narrow spur between the villages  of Par and Kinesvar, the fort … Continue reading

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Ranjit Singh- Sher E Punjab

After the passing away of Aurangzeb in 1707, the Mughal Empire fell into a state of disarray with weak rulers and constant intrigues. Revolts broke out all over with the Rajputs in Western India, the Marathas in Central India, carving … Continue reading

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Musunuri Prolaya Nayaka – The History of Telugu Saffron Warriors

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, the eminent freedom fighter, once said “Oh Motherland, sacrifice for you is like life. Living without you is death.’ Hundreds of year before Savarkar was born, a Kakatiya-era chieftain named Musunuri Prolaya Nayaka took the message to … Continue reading

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Rani Durgavati

Gondwana, a region that covers eastern Vidarbha, some parts of Western Chattisgarh, and Southern part of Madhya Pradesh.  It is so named after it’s rulers the Gonds, a predominantly forested region, inhabited by tribals. One of the kingdoms of Gondwana … Continue reading

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Land of the Ranas- Veer Hammir

Rana Hammir in a way began the next phase of Rajput rule of Mewar with Chittorgarh as the capital that started in 1326 and ended in 1568, when Rana Udai Singh II, had to flee after Akbar occupied the fort. … Continue reading

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Baji Rao 1

When one looks at the history of the Maratha Empire, the Peshwa era is one of the most significant one, specifically from Balaji Vishwanath(1713-1720) to  Raghunath Rao(1773-74), before Nana Fadnavis effectively became the defacto power behind the throne. Technically speaking … Continue reading

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