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Shiva Temples in Telugu States.

What does one say of a language and a region, that takes it’s name from a belief that Shiva descended on three mountains there? The ancient name of the Telugu states is Trilinga Desa,  meaning the “Land of the 3 … Continue reading

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Amaravati- The New Capital of Andhra Pradesh

When it comes to the history of Telugu people and their culture, Guntur always has a special significance. The Telugu script that is commonly in use traces back to a small village here called Bhattiprolu, located in the Krishna delta … Continue reading

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Here they worship the villain….

There is a standard format for all tales and epics. There would be the protagonist(s), supporting characters and the antagonist(s) and at the end, good wins over evil, and the protagonist emerges victorious. Generally, the protagonist would be an embodiment … Continue reading

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Swami Vivekananda

1893, Chicago, The World Parliament of Religions -A young monk from India, dressed in orange robes, stood up to address the gathering. He bowed nervously to Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning, and started with “Sisters and Brothers of America”. The … Continue reading

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And quite flows the Ganges…

  The Ganga , The Ganges or ’’Ganga Maiyya’’( the mother river) is what pervades the consciousness of this town in Uttaranchal. The sight of the river flowing down and cutting across the massive gorges is just awesome.When one speaks … Continue reading

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